Rant Central

This is my ad hoc page. Sometimes it's a rant, sometimes an observation, and sometimes I just want to tell the aliens that I'm okay. (When I look into the night sky, I get homesick.)

Listed in order from newest to oldest, here they are.

Televised NFL Camera Angles - ADD style viewing makes games unwatchable (9/6/2015)
Let's all reach out - Hyperbole in every day speech(4/27/2014)
Boric Acid Eyewash - Does everything require a prescription to be cured? (7/11/2013)
The 2013 BMW 528i - Bayerische Motoren Werke is an oxymoron. (6/29/2013)
Quotations as Big as Life - What do I know about life? These people said it better. (12/19/2012)
Television Still Shines - When you push a button on the remote, shouldn't it sound like a toilet flushing? (7/4/2012)
Halloween Versus Samhain - For those who mistakenly think Halloween is Satanic (10/10/2010)
Word Rant - Master your native tongue, or else! (9/25/2010)
FSC My advice against Fire Safe Cigarettes (4/5/2010)
Expression Roots - A fragment but it explains the meaning behind a couple of expressions.
Summer of '08 - My movie list from the summer of 2008 (7/12/2008)
Amazon Glitch - Amazon got weird for a while, then better, then worse than ever. (8/2/2008)