Falls Down

This is archival and NOT current.

Update: Amazon has gotten a lot better. I'm ordering from them again. However, I've decided not to delete the earlier rant dated August 2, 2008 for no other reason than I just wanted to keep all my rants available.

I got through most of the movies on that list. Unfortunately, I had to work more hours than anticipated, so it cut into my viewing time.

I missed out on "The Fountain" and "O Lucky Man". I didn't mind missing re-watching "O Lucky Man" as much as I missed not being able to watch "The Fountain".

Check out the big list page for all of the updates.

I got fooled by It used to be that when Amazon gave you a date on their web site, it was the expected delivery date. It used to be "In stock. Will ship. Expect delivery on...". When I placed an order with them, I assumed that things hadn't changed.

But now, the date given is the expected ship date! It's not the delivery date any longer. They've also slowed down. What used to take about a week from order until arrival is now the time it takes from order until Amazon ships it...if you're lucky.

It used to be that I'd order something on a Friday, and it would ship on the following Monday and arrive on Thursday. Now, Amazon claims it ships on the following Thursday. But since it arrives on the second Thurdsay after the order is placed, how is this three day?

Instead of an order from taking about a week, it now takes two weeks. It's now fourteen days when it used to be six or seven.

You also used to be able to cancel your order if it hadn't been shipped. Now you can't cancel your order even though it hasn't been shipped.

Amazon is off my list as a service driven company. Fry's Electronics is my top choice for a place to purchase DVDs.