My Summer Viewing

Every summer in July, I do my best to spend a week watching movies.  That's the week when I get the house to myself.  I readjust the speakers, crank up the volume, and just watch non-chick flick movies.  It scares the dog, but she tolerates me because I feed her.

This summer should be no exception.  The movies I have on tap and have the DVDs for are (in no particular order):

1)      "Earth Versus the Flying Saucers" – I've never seen it and I've wanted to since my youth.

2)      "The Man with the Screaming Brain" – Also never seen, but it's a possible B-movie diamond.  Bruce Campbell's in it, so how can it be bad?  Oh, yeah, "Bubba Ho-Tep".

3)      "O Lucky Man" – I've seen it before and liked it.  We'll see if this three hour 1970's version of "Candide" holds up today.

4)      "Citizen X" – I've seen it before.  It's an HBO original filled with moodiness and atmosphere.  A Russian serial killer?  Interesting.

5)      "To Live and Die in L.A." – I've seen it before, twice.  I liked it the first time but didn't like it as much the second.  Maybe the third time's the charm.  Plus there's always the Wang Chung score to keep things dated.

6)      "Paycheck" – Another goal of mine is to see all movies made from Philip K. Dick stories.  This will be the last of them.  So far, only Dick's "Blade Runner" and "A Scanner Darkly" were turned into really good films.

7)      "The Woods" – Bruce Campbell again.  I haven't seen it before, so I've got my fingers crossed.

8)      "Black Sunday" – Special edition.  This scared me as a kid but I never knew the name.  I thought it had the word "Sabbath" somewhere in the title so it took me years to find the correct name.  I definitely remembered the mask of nails being pounded onto Barbara's Steele's face with a wooden cudgel.  The image still gives me shivers.

I've watch "Black Sunday" again and decided that maybe it's "Not Too Shabby". My additional comments can be found on that page.

9)      "Cthulhu" – Pronounced "Ka-tool'-hoo" according to the dictionary (it's a real word).  This is one of the movies for this summer's theme – H.P. Lovecraft on film.  I've not seen it before.

10)  "Re-Animator" – I've seen it before, but it's part of the theme.  In fact, there will be a Re-Animator night!

11)  "Bride of Re-Animator" – Oh, yeah.  Movie number two for Re-Animator night.

12)  "Beyond Re-Animator" – This completes the trilogy.  I understand that there's a fourth one out there entitled "An Imperfect Solution: A Tale of the Re-Animator" which I may and try to track down.  But it's not part of the mainline of Jeffrey Combs Re-Animator flicks so it's not essential.  There's also "Reanimator Academy" which is another peripheral that may or may not be worth searching out.  Finally, for the future there's an on-again/off-again "House of Re-Animator" that could be in the works.

13)  "Duck, You Sucker!" – I saw this at the movie theater years ago.  It has never been acknowledged by most people when talking about the films of director Sergio Leone.  I can't wait to see it again, even if it is three hours long.  I'm a big Coburn fan.

14)  "Pan's Labyrinth" – It sounds like a breath of fresh air and I can't wait to see it for the first time.

15)  "The Fountain" – More allegory, which is good.  Another one I'll be seeing for the first time.

16)  "From Beyond" – Director's cut.  I saw this one on TV once.  It definitely captured the Lovecraft atmosphere.  The DVD should be better.

Other movies that I don't have the DVDs for...yet.  I've ordered them from Amazon and they're supposed to be here by the 18th. I've not seen any of these before.

1)      "No Country for Old Men" – Academy Award winner for best picture?  I'm sure it's good, nearly all of the Cohen brothers pictures are good.  But is it that good?

2)      "Oldboy" – I need one southeast Asian horror movie a year, and this one sounds like the one.  Past years of viewing have included "Tetsuo: Iron Man", "Tetsuo: Body Hammer", "Audition", "Ringu" and "Cure".  Yeah, I need something like this on the itinerary.

3)      "Sin City" – Every year I say I'm going to watch it, but every year I run out of time.  Maybe this year.

That would make 19 movies in 7 days.  It can be done.  I'll try and do it and still go to work.