Movies to be Watched More than Once

Everything under this category is, at the very least, a good movie. A movie doesn't have to be a "classic" or on someone's top 100 list to be on this page. That doesn't mean that some of the movies on this page are excluded from that list. It's just that a movie doesn't have to be a "one of a kind gem" to be considered for the more than once category on this web page.

Each opinion will have some verbiage about what sort of movie it is. When it's a "must see" like The Wild Bunch, I'll mention that. When it's just something good that should be seen multiple times to get all of the points, like This is Spinal Tap, I'll mention that, too.

This section probably has more "chick flicks" in it than any other section, which helps prove the case for why the movie was included. If I liked it and a female liked it, then it's a deeper than average movie that crosses any polarizing portrayals in its story line or characterizations. That's a rare thing.

If you haven't seen some of these movies, and my opinion of them makes them intriguing, go ahead and check them out. You may not agree with my thoughts 100%, but you won't be wasting your time either. Considering that you've probably seen a movie with Ben Affleck in it, watching any movie on this page is much less painful.

The movies on this page rarely, if ever, have to plead guilty to any of the questions related to being a bad or offensive movie. (See the questions here .)

One of the things I've noticed since formalizing my opinions is that most movies that rate above dog excrement are usually written by the director (Uwe Bolle notwithstanding). Sometimes, even though there's an ensemble of writers involved in movies on my "worthy of watching list" one of the writers credited is probably the director. This makes sense. In order for the writer to get his vision accurately portrayed on the screen, he should direct the action. On the opposite side of the coin, a director who isn't part of the initial creative process will frequently re-interpret the intent of the writer. Often, this is done poorly. Just an observation...

Here are the movies. 

Big Trouble in Little China
The Boondock Saints
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
The Fifth Element
Fight Club*
Grosse Pointe Blank
Holy Motors
The Middleman
Midnight Run
Play It Again, Sam
Slap Shot*
This is Spinal Tap
The Wild Bunch*

*Indicates a "must see" movie for a guy (and the women who can't figure us out).

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