Plastic Bag

Year 2009

Werner Herzog as Voice of the Plastic Bag  
Barbara Weetman   as   Maker
Director - Ramin Bahrani
Screenwriter - Ramin Bahrani

Plastic Bag is a film short that was part of the special features on the DVD My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. Considering how underwhelmed I was by the main feature, it was with some trepidation that I decided to watch Plastic Bag. It was worth the risk.

It's nothing particularly ambitious. It's the story of a non-biodegradable plastic bag. It is born when first used and then roams to wherever the winds take it. Along the way, it finds love, loses love, finds religion, meets plastic bag zealots, makes a pilgrimage, and leads a full plastic bag existence. The time of the bag extends past the time of humanity since it is non-biodegradable and people are likely destined for extinction.

Not being ambitious does not mean it isn't clever. It actually is clever. You have to wonder what came first - the scenes or the story. It is also imaginative. One scene comes to mind where the plastic bag meets others who are stuck on a barbed wire fence. According to the story, the other bags have chained themselves to the fence as a religious statement. That's sublime.

The whole film short will have you congratulating the writer for his mind's eye view of things. Despite the fact that there is only one human in the flick and she's only there for a few minutes, it never gets boring. It's cute and full of canny observations. Werner Herzog's voice as that of the bag is perfect.

It's endearing without a hint of treacle. It's imaginative and thought provoking despite being simple. It's a good way to pass 18 minutes.

No nudity (although the plastic bag wears no clothes), blasphemy, or profanity. There's even some chick flick potential because it is kind o' cute.

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