Run, Fatboy, Run

Year 2007

Simon Pegg as Dennis Doyle
Thandie Newton as  Libby  
Hank Azaria as Whit
Dylan Moran as Gordon
Harish Patel as Mr. Goshdashtidar
India de Beaufort   as Maya Goshdashtidar  
Director - David Schwimmer
Screenwriters - Michael Ian Black
  - Simon Pegg

Run, Fatboy, Run is a well done romantic comedy. Simon Pegg is one of those nice guys that you just can't help but like whether he's killing zombies (Shaun of the Dead) or being Mister Perfect Policeman (Hot Fuzz). In this movie, he's a slacker who realizes that he's a slacker. And he's such a nice guy that even though he left his pregnant fiancÚ at the altar five years ago, you'll still root for him. That's because you know he'll make things right and get the girl in the end. Which of course he does. But how else would a romatic comedy work out?

If you think that running a marathon, which Dennis (Simon Pegg) attempts to do, somehow does not equate with proving he's grown-up and his girl should take him back, then you're not alone. Yet, it works. The task he sets for himself does translate into his taking the next step to adulthood.

See the name of Dennis' sponsor in the image above? That it's "National Erectile Dysfunction Awareness" should give you some idea of the subtlety of the humor. There's one scene where Dennis handles his jock itch using the hand of a mannequin, another where Whit is au natural in an embarrassing manner, and another where an oversized blister is popped and pus erupts.

But none of the humor is so scatological that you can't watch the movie with someone who has a sense of humor. There is some decent verbal humor as well.

Dennis: Excuse me. Can I just stop you there?
Whit: Yes?
Dennis: Oh, I don't have anything to say. I just wanted to stop you there.

Gordon: That was the second most disgusting fluid I've ever had in my eye.

Dennis: You know, I mean, I didn't do you any favors on that day. OK? I did a stupid, stupid thing. But it was only because I thought spoiling your day was better than ruining your life.

Even though you know how everything will turn out, you still root for Dennis and inwardly cheer when he succeeds at something.

No nudity. Some blasphemy and a fair amount of profanity. Still, because it's about a schlep who's willing to suffer for a woman, it's got a lot of chick flick potential to counteract the guy humor factor.

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