From Beyond

Year 1986

Jeffrey Combs as  Crawford Tillinghast
Barbara Crampton   as Dr. Katherine McMichaels  
Ted Sorel as Dr. Edward Pretorious
Ken Foree as Bubba Brownlee
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon   as   Dr. Roberta Bloch
Director - Stuart Gordon
Screenwriters - Stuart Gordon
    Dennis Paoli
Musical Score - Richard H. Band

Oh, boy! Three of the actors/actresses from Re-Animator are back for another H.P. Lovecraft story. Same director and screenwriters, too! Even the music is written by the same guy. Can lightning strike twice?

Some people may not think that lightning even struck once. To those people, I say that you're not going to like this one either.

And that's a shame. It's tough to get the spirit of an H.P. Lovecraft story embraced by something that can be shown on the big screen. When someone can do it, they deserve some credit. From Beyond does the job.

Crawford Tillinghast's (Jeffrey Combs) mentor, Dr. Edward Pretorious (Ted Sorel) disappears. Crawford is found with an axe and a strange tale to tell, so "they" lock him up in a mental institution. (What's up with everyone being locked up in mental institutions? I realize that there's a D&D type Lovecraft game where everyone loses their sanity after a while, but I can't recall Lovecraft using this gimmick to the point where every story has someone ending up in a booby hatch. Let's knock off this cliché!)

So, Dr. Katherine McMichaels (Barbara Crampton) arrives and has Crawford re-enact the night of the crime. It turns out that Dr. Pretorious is still alive and kinky and living in another dimension. Dr. McMichaels, on the other hand, is alive and kinky and living in this dimension (but the other one is calling to her). Crawford is alive, and impotent, and living mostly in this dimension. But, he needs to eat things, special things, to keep seeing into the other dimension.

Will McMichaels be drawn into the other dimension? Will Crawford be found innocent? Will Crawford put that snake back into his head/pineal gland? Watch the movie. The opening scene of the floating creatures as well as scenes of the snake in the head are pretty memorable.

If you're a person who finds fault with things like the laws of science, please suspend your beliefs on the hook by the door. The movie is true to its own set of rules, so there's not an issue there. But, the writers make up stuff about a CAT scan that don't match reality.

There really aren't any scares to this one, but it is creepy. There are some decent special effects. And, according to a DVD extra, some of the scenes are extended. This appears to be a good thing as the pace was never rushed and never boring.

Is this one true to Lovecraft? Hardly. Does it capture the Lovecraft feeling. Definitely. Is it a good Friday night movie for yourself? Yes. Is it a good Friday night movie with a date? There're a couple of scenes depicting BDSM fetishes, so maybe/maybe not.

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