Die Sister, Die

Year 1972

Jack Ging as   Edward Price
Edith Atwater as Amanda Price
Antoinette Bower   as Esther Harper  
Kent Smith as Dr. Thorne
Director - Randall Hood
Screenwriters - William Hersey
  - Tony Sawyer

With a title like Die Sister, Die my first thought is that the title makes no sense. It should be Die, Sister, Die. Die Sister, Die looks like a mishmash of German and English.

Assuming that it's supposed to be read as Die, Sister, Die, the plot is a simple brother wants to murder rich sister thing. Sister Amanda Price (Atwater) has been having nightmares and has tried to kill herself once a year for a couple of years. The next time, brother Edward (Ging) thinks, she should succeed and then he'll get the house and the money. He even hires nurse-with-a-past Antoinette Bower (Harper) to let his sister succeed.

But what's giving Amanda problems? Can't you guess? It's not that complicated. Think Poe and you've got your answer.

The reason that this isn't Under a Rock, and perhaps it should be, is that most of acting is good. Jack Ging and Antoinette Bower are good. Edith Atwater is really good. Kent Smith, a veteran of Peyton Place and numerous television appearances, is even better than Atwater. No one "mailed it in" and all gave it better than the material deserved. That's why it's not rated lower than this.

The movie is slow and there aren't really any surprises along the way. At one point Edward is tired of waiting for Amanda to take her own life, so he comes up with a way to help her along. Even the ending, which is supposed to reflect karma, is only mildly interesting.

There's no nudity but I think there's some blasphemy. Chick flick potential is below average. Unless you're a fan of Smith or Atwater, give this one a miss.

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