The November Man

Year 2014

Pierce Brosnan   as   Peter Devereaux  
Luke Bracey as Mason
Olga Kurylenko as Alice
Bill Smitrovich as Hanley
Lazar Ristovski as Arkady Federov
Amila Terzimehic   as Alexa
Director - Roger Donaldson
Screenwriters - Michael Finch
  - Karl Gajdusek

What starts out as a kind of intriguing game of cat and mouse turns into a body count splatter fest about halfway through. That's too bad because the premise of The November Man had promise.

The premise is that a retired CIA operative named Peter Devereaux (Bosnan) is called back into service to help an old friend "come in from the cold". I think they really used that expression or at least something like it. Of course things don't go the way Devereaux planned and now he's on the run.

Sound like a yawner? It could have been except that the person hunting Devereaux is an old trainee of his named Mason (Bracey). For a short period the old dog shows the young pup how things are done, which is entertaining. Then, the writers run out of imagination.

Then they rely on gimmicks. Naked bodies? Explosions? Spurting blood? Body counts? Coincidences? Sexist bad guys? Unconvincing fisticuffs? A relative kidnapped? A woman with great legs dressed in a short dress and pretending to be hooker? They're all there. I do have to admit that seeing Olga Kurylenko in a short dress is easy on the eyes, however.

But as for the rest? It reminded me of a slipshod Bourne rip-off mixed with a lame purloining of Taken.

Now I like Brosnan. Ever since "Remington Steele" I thought of him as a spy. When Roger Moore retired as Bond, I thought Brosnan was the perfect replacement. But Brosnan's sixty-two at the time of The November Man. He's a November man and his going toe-to-toe with twenty-five year old April man Luke Bracey was less than convincing. (Luke Bracey was pretty much unconvincing throughout the movie, though. Oh, if it was a Cheech and Chong movie then Luke Bracey would've fit right in. But a spy movie? Al Bundy would've been more threatening and competent appearing.)

Another stretch was Brosnan's ending up with the thirty-five year old Olga Kurylenko. Oh I supposed the Spring-Fall relationship is possible but it seemed too contrived.

There are a few little jewels after the initial imagination dump in the first half of the movie that keep this one from being a total waste of time. Devereaux definitely plays Mason for one last use in the movie, although Mason's change of heart is more capricious than convincing.

Sadly, it's one of the better movies to have come out recently. Too bad the acting of Bracey, Smitrovich, Ristovski, and Terzimehic is so bland and cookie-cutter. Maybe it was a weak director?

Nudity but nothing really shows. There's blasphemy and profanity. Chick flick potential is low. There are worse movies to waste time with and Olga Kurylenko will feed the fantasies of middle-aged men, but it's still nothing more than a time waster with a few clever scenes.

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