The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Extras

Beware! This is a minor spoiler.

Julie Benz ruined a couple of scenes. The first was when she walking and attempting to demonstrate how slinky she was. She stumbled on the runway.

The second was less forgivable.

As Agent Bloom, she's narrating a gun fight. Troy Duffy incorporates the narrator into the scene. Imagine two rows of three men each. The rows are facing each other. The camera is looking down the gap between the rows. At the far end of the gap is Julie Benz.

Her role is to walk between the rows and, as she passes, each man takes his gun and shoots the man opposite. Row 1, position 1 pulls his gun and fires at the man in row 2, position 1. Simultaneously, this man is being shot by his opposite member. Then, as Julie Benz keeps walking, the next pair do the same and finally the last pair.

Now, it's tight choreography. One early move by any man in line and Julie Benz ends up being pistol whipped or possibly having a blank go off in her ear. Rather than being cool and unaffected, like the ghost of shootouts past that she's supposed to be, she flinches! In fact, she nearly cringes as she passes each pair of men.

That's the gaffe that bothers me the most.

It must have bothered Troy Duffy as well because in the "shoot 'em up", Julie Benz's eyes are covered by the brim of a cowboy (cowgirl?) hat to cover up her flinching.