Good Against Evil

Year 1977

Dack Rambo as   Andy Stuart
Elyssa Davalos   as Jessica Gordon
Richard Lynch as Mr. Rimmin
Dan O'Herlihy as Father Kemschler  
John Harkins as Father Wheatley
Director - Paul Wendkos
Screenwriter - Jimmy Sangster

It looks like back in 1977, nine years after Rosemary's Baby and four years after The Exorcist, Jimmy Sangster decided to (or maybe was just paid to) write a television pilot combining the two. How did that go? I could only watch about fifteen minutes of Good Against Evil because I felt that the real evil was my brain being leached. I expected soul stealers, just not real ones masquerading as a screenwriter and director duo.

This was a pilot for a television series, and I can understand why it wasn't picked up. The beginning of this sojourn is the birth of a baby girl and the killing of her mom. You've seen it before, an evil hospital with an evil nurse. But I'll bet you never saw the nurse wearing a Flying Nun habit. Then comes the credits and the first act.

The first act shows the girl, now twenty-one years old, working in some sort of clothing store. The dialog is, "You're going to have to work late," combined with, "I'm not working past six," added to, "We're going to have to work late," and the unforgettable, "I need you all to work late." <Yawn>

Also in the first act, the girl/woman Jessica (Davalos), has her car run into by Andy (Rambo). She just got the car! She'll tell you, "I just got the car," then adding details like, "I just got the car three weeks ago," and "It only has 600 miles on it," and finally, "It's a new car."

Then there's Dack Rambo's responsible character who says, "It's just a car," and "Don't worry about it," and "It's not my problem."

Dack Rambo? Really? DACK Rambo? Dack's real name is Norman Rambo and he's a twin. His brother's name is Orman Rambo. Orman's stage name is Dirk Rambo. Norman and Orman Rambo? Or Dack and Dirk Rambo?

Which one is gay? (Little trivia fact - with identical twins, and I can only hope that Norman and Orman are identical or what's the point of the dippy names, there's a pretty good chance that one of the siblings is gay. The whole study of twins is interesting like the fact that identical twins have identical fingerprints if one of them is held up to a mirror. But there's a higher incidence of homosexuality among twins than regular siblings. And it's only one twin that's gay, not both. These kinds of facts interest me.)

Anyway, the movie went nowhere fast. The only reason that I held out hope is that Richard Lynch plays the bad guy. He's a great bad guy. Don't believe me? Check him out in The Seven-Ups, or Deathsport, or Invasion U.S.A.. In this, though, it wouldn't matter if freakin' Bogart returned from the dead and starred in it. It's still inanane, repetitive, and unoriginal.

No nudity. Probably no profanity. Probably blasphemy. Sometimes television executives make the right call by not "green lighting" a series. Avoid.

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