Year 1963

Lee Bradley as  Mulligan
Steve Drexel as David
Sherwood Keith   as Mr. Hawley
Denver Pyle as The Sheriff
Director - Lew Landers
Screenwriter - Richard Bernstein  

What this amounts to reminded me of a long, a very long, Twilight Zone episode without the moral at the end. Have you ever heard the urban legend about the escapee from the mental asylum? Well, skip the Captain Hook part and you've got this one.

Somebody's brother or something escapes from a loony bin and begins exacting revenge in a ghost town. I'm pretty sure that I've seen this before, maybe on Seventy-Seven Sunset Strip.

What's the terror part of being terrified? Supposedly, it's being buried alive that's the terrible part. And, the first scene does give you the creeps. It's more being covered in cement rather than being buried alive, but, hey, it's close.

There's a bit of whodunit feel but the clues don't add up, unless one person can be in two places at once. That would explain a lot. It would also mean that I never woke up from my nap.

It's in black and white, the acting is so-so. The tension that should be ratcheted up by having a mysterious figure stalk people at night in a ghost town is stripped away by unexplained plot twists. Most scenes can be summarized with, "You wait here, alone, with the killer while I go back to town for help.".

There's one guy, I guess he's a bad boy or something, that actually does suggests the opposite. He says that he should remain behind while everyone else goes into town. Smooth move.

Twilight Zone or Terrified? If you've got less than an hour to burn, pick a Twilight Zone episode or two. If you've got more than an hour to burn, watch another Twilight Zone episode.

No blasphemy or nudity or profanity. No color. Mediocre acting. An unsatisfying "Guess the killer" payoff.

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