Just Plain Bad Movies

Rules for Being Just Plain Bad

These aren't insulting movies because they're not pretentious. Someone attempted the make something that they thought was good, and it failed - like a bad soufflé.

Here are the movies. 

The Angry Red Planet
The Atomic Brain
Bad Moon
The Bleeding
Brain Damage
The Crawling Eye
The Darjeeling Limited
Fog Island - Moldy Oldie
Good Against Evil
A History of Violence
The Incredible Petrified World
Killers from Space
Kong Island
Laser Mission
Last Man Standing
The Last Woman on Earth
Madmen of Mandoras
Man with the Screaming Brain
Memorial Valley Massacre
Mesa of Lost Women
Moon of the Wolf
Monuments Men
Murder at Midnight - Moldy Oldie
Mystery, Alaska
Night Fright
Phantom from Space
Prehistoric Women
Robot Monster
Target Earth
They Came from Beyond Space
The Time Travelers
3:10 to Yuma
Trapped - Moldy Oldie
The X from Outer Space
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