Visitor Q (a.k.a. BijitÔ Q)

Year 2001

Ken'ichi End˘ as   Kiyoshi Yamazaki (the father)  
Shungiku Uchida as Keiko Yamazaki (the mother)
Kazushi Watanabe   as Visitor Q
Jun Mut˘ as Takuya Yamazaki (the son)
Fujiko as Miki Yamazaki (the daughter)
Director - Takashi Miike  
Screenwriter - Itaru Era

The movie Visitor Q, a Japanese movie with English subtitles, is obsessed with the scatalogical. A "how-to" film on giving an enema is less focused on scat than Visitor Q. If you want to hear about bodily fluids, then this is your movie. Sometimes what you is accurate, and sometimes it's fantasy introduced to shock the audience.

And that's what this is, a "shock feature". There's nothing redeeming about this movie except for a few minutes of dark humor near the end.

The story is about a dysfunctional family and how they become a close knit unit by becoming depraved and sociopathic. That sentence makes it sound more entertaining than it is. It's not that entertaining unless you think a movie depicting myriad types of car crashes is entertaining.

Let's start with the daughter who is the first person you meet. She's the most mainstream of the bunch. She's an eighteen year old prostitute who'll sleep with anyone for the right amount of money. That includes her father.

The next person you meet is the father as he's ready to pay for sex with his prostitute daughter. He's a free-lance topical reporter who's sufferening from a problem. On his last assignment, "What do kids today want?" a gang of teenagers took his microphone and sodomized the submissive father with it. It kind of ruined his self-esteem as well as getting him fired because he shared the video of the event with his colleagues.

So now he's having sex with his daughter, but not his wife. He's watching while his son is being bullied and filming it. He's impotent regarding the ability to protect his house from the vandalism of the same bullies or his wife from the abuse of his son. And he's ripe to be hit in the head with a rock...twice. It turns out that he's also a murderer and a necrophile, but those traits only come out as part of the healing process.

Then there's the son who is constantly being bullied and does not defend himself. Instead, he takes it out on his mother whom he hits with a carpet beater every day.

The mom? Oh, she's a heroin addict and part-time prostitute who is being introduced to the idea of being a dominatrix, which she seems to like. She's also a cripple with a limp, but the reason for this is unexplained.

Then there's the visitor. He likes destroying things, like Kiyoshi's head with a brick. He nails it twice and as a result, the father brings the visitor home to stay. Usually, the visitor either watches the shennigans or performs special tasks like getting the near-menopausal mother's breasts to spray milk.

The majority of the movie is showing the events I described as they happen to each character. The remainder of the movie is comprised of other events.

In the end, the father has to be injected with heroin and start killing people to get straight. The mom has to give milk, which the father and daughter lap up, and also kill one of the bullies before she's okay. The daughter has to get hit in the head with a rock to make her see sense. And the son? He just needs to witness it all, I guess. Oh, and roll around the kitchen floor in his mother's milk and urine. I assume that he quits beating his mom after he sees what a kung-fu killer with a screwdriver she is, but you never know.

The story line is implausible, the characters are unlikable, the scenarios are chosen for shock value, the final resolution is nonsensical, and the dialog is from a first grade reader written by someone with Tourette Syndrome. There's no back story to any of the characters, there doesn't appear to be any trouble before the movie started (with the exception of the father's embarassment). But everyone is broken. Visitor Q makes Death Wish seem positively sublime.

The only thing about his movie that's entertain is the last fifteen minutes. While the mom is spritzing her milk, Visitor Q is watching under the safety of a clear umbrella. While the dad is having sex with a corpse, he asks it questions and corpse responds by changing through decomposition. First there's the final evacuation and then rigor mortis. The person may be gone, but the corpse has an agenda to return to dust.

Lots of nudity and profanity and some blasphemy. Chich flick potential for a non-masochist is zero. Watch Miike's earlier film Audition for something entertaining from the director.

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