Man with the Screaming Brain

Year 2005

Bruce Campbell as  William Cole
Antoinette Byron   as Jackie Cole
Tamara Gorski as Tatoya
Vladimir Kolev as Yegor
Stacy Keach as Dr. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov  
Director - Bruce Campbell
Screenwriters - Bruce Campbell   
    David M. Goodman   
Screen Story - Bruce Campbell
    David M. Goodman

The credits read like those from Bambi Meets Godzilla only with Bruce Campbell's name.  Although there may have been multiple names in some instances, Bruce Campbell was listed as a:

It's a lot for one man to bet. Give Bruce credit for rollin' the ol' dice. The problem is that they came up snake eyes for him.

Don't get me wrong. I like Bruce Campbell. Ever since he went over the top in "Evil Dead" he's been the king of the Bs. He's got a solid, and deserved fan base. But, the man doesn't want to act. (I prefer that to thinking that he can't act.)

Heck. I'm a fan to the point that even my wife has no choice but to know who Bruce Campbell is. My favorite commercials are the Bruce Campbell "Old Spice" spots. But, I did not like this movie.

Have you ever noticed that movies that deliberately set out to be campy are merely boring? This movie falls into that category.

Money driven, emotionless pharmaceutical executive William Cole (Bruce Campbell? Emotionless?) takes his wife Jackie (Antoinette Byron) to Bulgaria or Hungary or somewhere to work a business deal. Husband and wife hate each other and are quick to jump into the sack with whomever recognizes that they aren't dead. Well, even if they are dead, they're still willing.

Enter Dr. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (Stacy Keach) who steals the movie as the mad professor with the secret formula. It's only petty larceny, though, because the movie's formula is only worth pennies.

William Cole is murdered and when he returns to life thanks to the efforts of the Mad Doc, and comes to find out that he shares his brain with that of an ex-KGB agent turned taxi driver who slept with Cole's wife when driving her around in his taxi for a day. (It reads funnier than it plays.)

Cole is out to get revenge, or something. The woman who killed him is royal witch Totoya (Tamara Gorski ) and she makes the ex-KGB guy look like a philanthropist. This is another well acted, if not exactly likable, part.

The "humor" is low. If you think someone slapping their own face is extreme merriment, then have I got a movie for you! And no, it's not as well done as "Good Ash/Bad Ash" from Army of Darkness.

The movie is unpretentious, and that's a plus. It's more hackneyed than funny. That's a minus. There's no nudity to compliment the adultery. There are no memorable lines. But, there is a fun barroom fight scene. I'll give it that.

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