The Weirdest, But Still Watchable, Movies

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Rank Title Plot   Why is it Weird?   Personal Comment  
1 Naked Lunch   An exterminator flees to a surreal dictatorship (the "Interzone") and becomes embroiled in a plot involving spies and aliens. Homosexual typewriters. Milking aliens in a barn. Shooting up insecticide. I was alone when I saw it and still was almost too embarrassed to watch it to the end.
2 Tetsuo: The Iron Man  A man fights against the invisible dominance of a metal fetishist whom he's wronged. Empty streets. People turning into metal in part or as a whole. Inserting metal into flesh. A spinning metal phallus. Starkness and seemingly non-linear story arc keep you guessing.
3 Audition A widower decides to stage a film audition to interview potential wives. Piano wire mutilation. Flashbacks into hell. Old lovers without limbs. Starts slowly. More creepy than weird. The director is not shy.
4 Eraserhead With a backdrop where industrial toxicity and mutagens have become mundane, a man falls for the wrong girl and cannot face his life's failures. Imaginary animals symbolize emotions and secrets. Eating the still moving "chicken". The crying "baby". The hair. It was at the top of the list for a while and the imagery is still unnerving.
5 Jacob's Ladder Is the protagonist drugged? Insane? He's out of touch with reality regardless. Hallucinations, flashbacks, characters more dreamlike than tangible. A series of dreams successfully captured in a movie. But there's a spritual quest involved.
6   Yes, I know. What goes here? Pan's Labyrinth? Not weird enough.    
7   Re-Animator? Nope. Ultraviolet? Nah. Keeping these two slots open. Maybe, The Devils...maybe.  
8 Blue Velvet A small town hides a lunatic crime boss. Severed ear in a field - replete with ants. Nude and abandoned older woman. Transvestite criminals. Nitrous breathing with mask. Camera angles, scene selection, and a criminal society make this a dark side tour bus from beyond.
9 Crash After a near fatal car accident, survivors turn car accidents into a fetish. Car accidents are to be appreciated. Maiming as part of a car accident is good. This 1996 David Cronenberg gem allows the visceral director to tackle a new creepy topic and do it well.
10  Fellini Satyricon  Two young men in decadent Rome lead a debauched lifestyle. Grotesque people, surreal imagery, deformed demi-urges, perverse and prurient storyline It's a twisted odessey adapted from an ancient work.

Weirdest Directors

If their name's on it, it's anything but mainstream. In order for me to showcase a director here, I need to have seen more than one movie by him. Following the names are the best examples of their work, IMHO. They've all done dogs in addition to their great stuff, except maybe for David Lynch.

Potentially weird, but I've only seen one or two of their movies.

Not weird enough. They may have done one or two imaginative features, but then they either lost the touch or went mainstream.