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Here're the names of some books that everyone should read. There aren't any links, so if you accidentally find one, you'll have to use the back button to return here.

That last was a hint for the future. Not for now, however. Anyone who came here looking for the real Joseph Curwen will have to wait for links to "that kind of stuff".


Books that Every Adult Should Read (Yes, Everyone)

The Bible
Everyone has a favorite version, which is self-defeating. I recommend the Douay-Rheims version. It's one of the oldest, is closest to the original Hebrew and Greek, and includes one of my favorite books, "The Book of Baruch"
Atlas Shrugged
Don't read it unless you want to be better than you are. In this election year, it should really make your blood boil. No candidate wants to "fix" anything, they just want to muddy things with change. To quote Ayn Rand, both candidates are "looters".
It's light reading and skewers people who use slogans to delude others.
It doesn't matter which Herman Hesse you read (Siddharta or Narcissus and Goldmund are also excellent). I prefer Steppenwolf because it's the first one I read and the science-fiction type of ending appealed to me. Basically, the book is a better, and much deeper, "Groundhog Day ".